The Trait Francais Story

Trait Français was born from the desire of a young designer, Anne-Sophie Leplet, to re-appropriate the wallpaper and the line as a medium to express her personal point of view of the French “Art de vivre”.

With her supple or hard lines, her blurred or sharpers outlines, her vibrations or her silences, Trait Français’s wallpapers reinvent the French “art de vivre” by combining the unchanging tradition of Decorative Arts and a heightened sensivity of an artist with a very personal universe.

Anne-Sophie, who are you? Have you received any special education about art and design ?

I’m interior designer, graduate from the Parisian school Nissim de Camondo.

But my educational background doesn’t come from there! I grown up in a do-it-yourselfer family, who were fans of decoration and auctions. It’s thanks to them that I formed my hands and my eyes to the French “Art de vivre”. My dad played a significant role. He can do anything. He made and fixed all kind of objects. When I was 10, he taught me to put up wallpaper ! My mother also gave me the virus of decoration and fabrics. My mother also teached me her interest in decoration and fabrics. When I was 3, I scribbled in her decoration magazines. Then I studied drawing during all my education. My choice of studies was obvious ! After my graduation, I take classes with Moissonnier, a great french cabinetmaker. I decorated luxurious private houses worldwilde.

How was born Trait Français?

I am sensitive to the imagination that can bring a pattern or a color to an interior. I wanted to develop this imaginary and transmit it around me. The wallpaper is very useful for it. The idea of developing my own brand has naturally imposed itself. Le Monde magazine, a French newspaper, has recently published an article where the journalist announces that “after 20 years of eye-relaxation and white color painting in all rooms, wallpapers comes back”. It doesn’t surprise me!

In terms of style, I didn’t want to propose a “déjà-vu” but something more inspired and timeless. The French decorative Arts are very inspiring. At the beginning I always work my new models with a pencil. I’m very attached to it. The work of the hand is irregular, it brings vibrations and personality to the all-digital world. So, even if Trait Français takes advantage of digital technology, we do not forget the work of the hand.

Do you have a particular creative process?

Most of the time, I work an instinctive way. My brain is imbued with memories from nature observation and from left out objects used in daily life (distorted mesh, degraded walls or furniture…) My mind overlays more or less precise ideas and concepts that I try to translate with discipline and creativity. Some of drawings are easy to finalize but others need more time to get the best from it. I always have 2/3 drafts in a drawer. They need to mature, to decant before to apply the last small changes that will make the difference.

How are made your wallpapers? And where?

I wished that Trait Français is a local and responsible brand. Wallpapers are Parisian from design to production. The digital manufacturing process as well as the raw materials of our printer are certified according to strict environmental and social standards.

What is your favorite color at the moment?

I always liked blue. I'm obsessive about it, especially the deep blue. Most of the time, this color is considered as a cool-color but that’s wrong! It brings a lot of elegance and warmth to the interiors!

A decorative tip to give us? Where do we start when we want to decorate our apartment?

The first idea is to surround ourselves with objects that we love. Even if the whole is eclectic, it's not a big deal. It’s the color that we will put on the walls and fabrics that will create unity. I believe that you have to have self-confidence and tell yourself it’s going to work. If we are wrong or if we get bored, we change. It's so simple! This is the benefit of non-woven wallpaper. It is removed as quickly as it is applied!