Credit photo : Design House Stockholm

Loustic / Anthracite


Variable geometries carried by the line. Elbowed, coiled, curved, nested, arrowed, Forms follow the line of an improvisation based on world culture. Loustic has a spicy and quirky identity that will subtly wake up a contemporary decor but also dialogues with the light and playful atmosphere of children's bedrooms.

Dimension of one strip:
W.height: 280cm, witdh: 60 cmcm Width290cm
How many strips do you need ?
To calculate how many strips you need, just divide the width of your wall in centimeter per 65 and round the result up
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  • Strip 65cmx290cm
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Today, thanks to non-woven wallpapers, there is nothing easier than applying a wallpaper on a wall ! You can apply glu directly on the wall, apply wallpaper and then cut off the overflow :

Wallpaper sold by strip of 65x290cm (25,6x114,2 inches)

Trait français wallpapers are sold by strip : you can order stricly wgat you need ! Just divide the with of your wall per 65cm (25,6 inches), round the result up and there you are ! For exemple, to cover a wall of 3m width, 5 strips are enough.

Weight: 147g/m2.

Strips fit one to one on the width

Trait Français, wallpapers made in France with fair environmental values

Traits Francais wallpapers are printed near Paris, in a fabric certified under Imprim' Vert and ISO14001 labels, two norms imposing strict criterias for environmental protection. Moreover, our manufacturer engaged himself in the United Nation Global Compact, a volontary commitment framework throught which businesses comit to respect ten universaly accepted principles  about human rights, labour and environnment

The paper used for the wallpaper manufacturing are material of high quality certified under FSC label. Theses papers are controlled from there origin and all along there manufacturing process until there distribution to guranty that they comes from controlled woods and withdrawn responsbly.

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